Peer Review Week panel discussion with Editage!

As part of peer review week this year, Duncan (DN Journals Director & President of European Association of Science Editors) will be participating in this live panel discussion, hosted by Editage / Cactus Communications on 21st September 2-3pm UCT (3-4pm BST). Dr Manlio Vinciguerra, Principal Investigator at FNUSA-ICRC and Duncan will be discussing how journals have been maintaining trust in peer review during COVID-19, considering questions such as: - How has the pandemic affected peer review? - What are the most pressing challenges academia is facing with respect to maintaining the quality of and trust in peer review? - What changes has COVID-19 necessitated in how peer review is performed?

COPE membership - ticked off my to-do list at last!

After nearly six years of advising publishers to adopt their guidelines, training editorial teams in the practical application of their flowcharts, championing their core practices and policies through DN Journals, EASE, ISMTE, and other organisations, and pointing researchers towards their multitude of resources, I have finally become an independent member of COPE - the Committee on Publication Ethics. Since I began DN Journals in 2015 this has been on my to-do list, making its presence felt ever more intensely as time has gone on. COPE offer a highly valuable service to everyone involved in research publishing, and reference to them is a frequent and informative feature in all my work, s

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