Editorial Board Development
Our editorial board services give journal managers and publishers everything they need to set up a highly effective board, including insights into the benefits a well-considered editorial team can bring, and suggestions of candidates to recruit.

The editorial direction, decision-making and peer review processes of a journal are typically performed by members of an editorial team - the foundation of a successful journal. However structuring an editorial board, defining duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for each role, and recruiting the best people for the job is not always easy or straightforward

Our editorial board services give journal managers and publishers everything they need to set up a highly effective board, including insights into the benefits a well-considered editorial team can bring, and suggestions of candidates to recruit.

The process we offer involves consultation with key journal stakeholders to establish short and long-term goals to understand what the journal needs to succeed. We combine these conversations with research into the subject area, bibliometric analysis, as well as insights from our extensive experience to give you a report containing a bespoke editorial board structure, role profiles, suggestions for suitable candidates, and a recruitment action plan perfectly aligned to your goals.

This service does not end with our reporting and recommendations; we can also perform the tasks required to recruit the full board of editors, from interviewing , through contract development, drafting and negotiation, to onboarding, orientation and training.

For new launch journals, it is important to start with a suitably strong team of editors to give the journal maximum presence in those initial years. To achieve this, the board should have the appropriate expertise, aptitude, skills and community engagement for the task.

Our services are not only aimed at new start titles. Over time, even experienced journal managers and publishers can lose sight of the roles their editorial teams are performing, and would benefit from a refreshing perspective to modernise the composition of the board and enhance the efficiencies and community around a journal.

New journals will get a head start with our well-tested, experienced strategies for board structure, role profiles, training and outreach; and existing journals will benefit from invigorating their existing formats and contributors to help reinforce their status or progress into new areas.

We will help both new and established journals establish effective structure and roles to include in the board, decide how your board will be involved in the day to day running of the journal, who will be responsible for making editorial decisions, what monthly expectations there will be, or what a whole year of contributions should encompass


Our reports include a wealth of detailed recommended responsibilities and expectations for each board position, addressing key features such as:


  • ​Board Structure & Role Profiles

Breaking down the structure of a board into tiers of responsibility and duties according to the requirements identified through the consultation process. Roles may include Editor-in-Chief, ‘Associate’ or ‘Action’ editors, Advisory Board and Subject Editors, Book Review Editors, on to more modern positions such as Social Media Editors.

  • Peer Review Processes

Our role profiles and editorial structure help structure your peer review process, defining the duties of each role at every stage of reviewing, increasing the efficiency and speed of your review process, reducing costs, and providing an optimum service to your community.

  • Strategic Development

Suggesting levels of strategic input that each of your desired board roles should play within the journal, offering best practices recommendations for ongoing communications, planning and structuring effective editorial board meetings and more.

  • Training & Development

Our plans include a skills and competency framework, helping you set standards for recruiting editors, and enhancing the skills of your board to foster individual and community development, establish a career path with your journal.

Our two-stage process offers a full Report, and an additional service to recruit the editors for you, should you need it. This service will give you documents which outline an editorial board structure customised to your needs; Role Profiles for all required tiers of board position, incorporating competencies, expectations, and other requirements of your project scope.

The scope of work, specific deadlines and goals of the plan will be confirmed following an initial discussion with you before we begin.

Editorial Board Development fees:

Report - £2500
We aim to provide the report and documentation four weeks after the agreed start date.
Recruitment of senior editors - £300 per editor required

Recruitment of supporting board - £50 per person required


To discuss your own editorial board project further, please contact Amelia on: amelia@dnjournals.co.uk


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