Editorial Development Consultancy
Publishers and Societies use us for developing the content, impact, presence and business models of their titles.

We have experience working with all sizes of organisation to achieve a range of goals, from helping large, well-established titles reach another level of performance and adapt to developments in publishing trends, to consolidating the positions of smaller, niche titles, as key journals in their fields, to helping establish new launch ventures.

We provide hgh-level strategy development reviews, bibliometric and editorial performance analysis using key databases and platforms to give our clients practial plans and insights into their portfolios, contributors and community.

  • Editorial Board Development
    Our editorial board services give journal managers and publishers everything they need to set up a highly effective board, including insights into the benefits a well-structured, skilled and motivated editorial team can bring, and suggestions of candidates to recruit.

  • New Launch Journal Assessment
    A service for those interested in launching a new journal, or multiple titles using market and editorial research to establish the viability of journal/s and provide support for an effective launch.

Our range of services also includes:


  • Strategic development planning

  • Open access publishing modelling

  • Editorial process optimisation

  • Contract reviews, renewal & RFPs

  • Competitor and market area analysis

  • Peer Review and publication platform selection

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