New Launch Journal Assessment
DN Journals offers an assessment service to those interested in launching a new journal, or multiple titles. We use our experience and expertise in publishing to discuss the proposals and provide insights, support and suggestions for new ventures.

This service provides valuable help to establish the viability of journal/s and support for an effective launch, through market and editorial research, considering areas such as:


  • Editorial scope of the journal

Assessing what subject scope the proposal covers; supporting discussions with bibliometric analysis to determine the unique contributions to the field of proposed topics; and who the community of authors, readers, reviewers and editors of the journal will be.

  • Editorial standards

Analysing how the journal will ensure editorial quality and standards. Confirming the technical infrastructure of hosting, peer review and production processes to be used. Where needed, writing policy statements appropriate to the subject area, resources and looking at whether website presentation meets academic and publishing industry standards (fees for writing additional resources will be quoted as part of delivered report).

  • Business models

Qualifying how the journal would be financially supported in the short and long term. Proposing different subscription or open access financial and income models, such as prices, waiver allocations, APC bundle deals and bulk discounts, subject area price comparison.


The standards we apply to the journal assessment are based on establishing effective, high-quality editorial processes and conforming to current publishing industry guidance, setting the journal/s up for the best possible chances for inclusion in indexes such as Web of Science, Scopus, Directory of Open Access Journals, PubMed, CABI, IFIS, and others. We also apply the ethical standards of Committee of Publication Ethics, and our own optimal editorial practices from our experiences of working with a range of high-performing titles.

The report will feature an easy to read checklist stating how the journal performs against

each assessment measure. The Report will include key data, figures and tables, with narrative

text, and explanations of findings. All the primary data-analysis files would be included as

supplementary material. The Report will be accompanied by an Action Plan document, containing suggestions for interventions, innovations or alternatives to current practices.

Assessment fees are £850 per journal.

The scope of work, specific deadlines and plan will be confirmed following an initial discussion with clients.

To arrange an initial project meeting, please contact Amelia on:

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