Researcher Courses
Our researcher-focused training courses and workshops offer expert support for anyone seeking to enhance their research communication skills and gain greater insight into modern journal publishing.

A brief summary of each of our courses is provided on this page. A pdf of our course list can be downloaded here.

Please contact us for agendas of individual courses, or to discuss your requirements.


  • The essentials of article submission and publishing

This session helps researchers identify suitable journals for their work, providing tools and techniques for comparing journal qualities and tips for effective submissions.

  • Maximise the chances of successful submission

  • Compare features of journals to help you choose the optimal title to submit to

  • Learn what to expect during peer review, and how to deal with rejection

  • Learn key concepts such as open access, copyright and licensing policies and publishing ethics

  • The essentials of social media for researchers

This course helps researchers to navigate the world of social media with the aim of engaging their peers and wider society with their research. The course discusses the role social media plays in science communication through practical exercises and group discussion.

  • Understand social media within the context of research

  • Learn methods of modern article promotion

  • Learn how to set up and manage research profiles

  • Increase impact and presence of work

  • Effectively engage with subject communities

  • Acquire impact reports for grants, tenure or promotion applications

  • Essential skills for peer review

This workshop gives attendees a thorough introduction to the peer review process with a hands-on walkthrough of key reviewing techniques and practice of the skills required to assess papers submitted to journals.

  • Learn about the intricacies of the peer review process

  • Develop peer review skills

  • Understand how peer review can advance your career

  • An introduction to journal metrics

This course offers information and discussion for researchers to address the range of research-related metrics available, understand how they can be used appropriately and responsibly, and their potential to inform their current and future work.

  • The ability to measure and describe the impact and quality of research

  • Find out how to benchmark your research against others

  • Acquire evidence of quality for journals in which you have published

  • Understand how metrics can inform grant, tenure or promotion applications

  • Open access & open science

This course offers a balanced view of the increasing role open science plays in modern science publishing, raising discussion points to help researchers understand how to use the increasing number of tools and resources available to maximise the potential impact of their work.



  • Learn the advantages of an open access publication

  • How to make your publications freely accessible to increase the impact of your work

  • Learn techniques to identify high quality open access journals

  • How to retain rights of your work through open access licensing

  • Be able to make informed decisions between publishing in open and closed access journals

  • Understand who pays for costs such as author fees

  • Understanding the requirements of initiatives and funding mandates such as PlanS.