Arab Health Exhibition, January 2016

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The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is an annual healthcare event held in Dubai, UAE. Now in its 41st year, this was the largest the event has ever been, with 4,000 exhibitors from 63 countries, 500 speakers for conference talks and workshops, and over 130,000 visitors. It is certainly the largest professional event I have ever attended. As with a lot of things around Dubai, the scale of it is huge.

Arab Health concourse

I went for one day, to meet up with research university representatives who were manning their respective booths, to talk about research publication and journals. It was an excellent opportunity to meet many people and talk about the growing number, and sophistication, of research faculties developing in universities around the Middle East, the programmes being implemented and the resources being invested in the region. Walking through the stalls, I got to see all manner of fascinating medical equipment, including: - a lot of prettily pastel-coloured orthopedic devices... - and some equipment that looked more like torture devices;

skull related medical equipment

- too many exceptionally long spinal needles (*shivers*); - emergency services vehicle lighting in far more shapes and flashing colours than I could have imagined;

- the fascinating 3D Medical Printing Zone, which was a large area given over to showcasing the latest technologies involved in printing bodily parts.

3D medical printing zome

I went for just one day, barely covered half the floor-space of the multiple venues, and did not get to attend any of the talks or workshops - but as a non-medical professional visitor, much of the discussions may have been beyond me, though the full day on Big Data, looked especially interesting, relevant to my interests and possibly within my scope of understanding!

Big Data Conference

(All images courtesy of the Arab Health Press Centre Gallery)

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