ESE Author Q&A: Professor Rajshekhar Bipeta

The second interview in my ESE Author Q&A series was recently published on the ESE-Bookshelf blog.

I talked to clinical psychiatrist Prof. Rajshekhar Bipeta about his 'Medical Editing in India' paper, that was published in European Science Editing 41(3).

"Most of the research in the field of so-called ‘internet addiction’ has been done by non-medical people, especially non-mental health professionals. I consider this the fallacy of internet addiction research. To say that an entity is a disorder, the research should be done by experts and professionals in that field. I encourage readers to go through my editorial: BipetaR. Mental health research is not just administering rating scales. AP J PsycholMed 2013; 14(2): 65-8.

In my opinion, there is nothing like ‘internet addiction disorder’; this is a hype." Read the full interview HERE. I will soon be publishing a third interview, with Lisa Colledge, Director of Research Metrics, at Elsevier. Keep a look-out for that in the next few days.

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