EASE Vice-Presidency and Conference aftermath

I am delighted to be able to have been officially appointed as EASE Vice-President, alongside Ines Steffens, with Pippa Smart as President during the EASE conference in Bucharest. The new Council for 2018-2021 has seven new members; a new phase of EASE begins! The webpage for the Council is here: www.ease.org.uk/about-us/organisation/ease-council-2018-2021/ Other than the announcement of new Council, the conference was a huge success. So many excellent and interesting presentations. Almost all the sessions have been summarised in The Poenaru Post - the daily newsletter accompanying the Conference, has been uploaded to the EASE site as a memento for those who attended and as a summary of the events for those who could not be there. Check it out! www.ease.org.uk/ease-events/14th-ease-conference-bucharest-2018/newsletter/

the main conference hall

clockwise. me > Mershia mahmic-Kaknjo > Flaminio Squazzoni > Jadranka Stojanovski

University of Bucharest, where it all took place

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