July 15th/17th - Journal Selection & High Impact Publishing Webinar

Register now for our researcher skills webinar on submission and selection in high impact journals. One hour of presentation packed with expert advice and information followed by a one hour session for questions and answers. Spaces in each session are limited, so book early to guarantee your place. This course will give valuable insights into the publishing process to early career researchers and authors starting out on the path to submitting their first journal articles. Sign up to our researcher-focused webinar mailing list ​to receive notification of future events and promotional offers and receive a 10% discount from this course. Download the information sheet, or read on for details!

O V E R V I E W In this live two-hour webinar you will gain valuable insights and techniques to help you…

  • identify the most suitable journals to publish your research

  • increase the chances of your paper being considered and accepted

  • be better prepared to face the challenges of the peer review process.

Following the one-hour presentation there will be one hour for questions and answers, when our presenter will give personalised feedback on specific questions you may have and respond to your most pressing concerns and queries.

Register here: http://bit.ly/registerjuly R E G I S T R A T I O N We will be running four live sessions in July. Spaces for each session are limited, so book now to guarante your place. Monday 15th & Wednesday 17th July 2019 1pm British Summer-Central European / 3pm Saudi Arabia / 5.30pm India / 9pm Japan / 5am Central USA 6pm British Summer-Central European / 8pm Saudi Arabia / 10.30pm India / 1am Japan / 12-noon Central USA Price: £15 (GBP). Pay by Card or PayPal through our registration form. When registering, please make sure to select the day and time that suits you best.

A G E N D A The full agenda for the session will feature: Introduction

  • Why do we publish in journals, and do they really matter?

Selection and submission

  • Creating an information spreadsheet

  • How to identify potential journals

  • Methods to compare and contrast journal features

  • What to include in a cover letter

The peer review process

  • What to expect from the peer review process

  • Best practice when revising papers

  • What to do if your paper is rejected

Predatory Journals

  • What is predatory publishing and why is it a problem?

  • [if !supportLists][endif]Characteristics of predatory journals


  • [if !supportLists][endif]How to increase the impact and presence of your work.

Question & Answer Session - 1 hour About the trainer : Duncan Nicholas Duncan is the Director of DN Journal Publishing Services. He has over 15 years’ experience working in the journal publishing industry and is Vice-President for the European Association of Science Editors (EASE). He also chaired the 2017 and 2018 Conference Organising Committee for the International Society for Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE). He provides independent editorial consultancy and training courses to publishers, researchers and the wider scholarly community, working with clients around the world, in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and North America. Duncan writes and delivers training workshops and presentations to editorial staff and researchers of all levels of academic seniority on a wide range of topics, and has been involved in the development, creation of content and recording of online learning materials, including a central role in producing the Publons Academy. His workshops include editorial office management, writing and journal publishing skills, peer review, journal impact and metrics, open science, social media & promotion, publishing & research ethics, and copyright & licensing. Read full testimonials on our website page: www.dnjournals.co.uk/testimonials Some of the companies, organisations and universities Duncan has worked with include: Companies & Societies Bristol University Press British Occupational Hygiene Society Charlesworth Author Services Editage EMBO Press Emerald Publishing Enago Author Services European Association of Developmental Psychology International Water Association KnowledgeE Publishing Services Publons (Clarivate) Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Health Society of Occupational Medicine Taylor & Francis Textrum Publishing Universities & Institutions Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt Beijing Children's Hospital, China Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, China Children’s Cancer Hospital, Cairo, Egypt Glasgow University, UK Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Kings’ College London, UK Ministry of Higher Education, Cairo, Egypt University of Central Lancashire, UK University of East Anglia, UK University of Strathclyde, UK University of Sussex, UK Vilnius University, Lithuania Journals Examples of some of the journals Duncan has worked with.(2017 Impact Factor and quartile rank provided as an indicator of the activity of each journal). Behavioural Science Work & Stress (IF. 3.14, Q.1) European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology (IF. 2.638, Q.1) Business, Economics & Urban Environment Regional Studies (IF. 3.147, Q.1) Applied Economics (IF. 0.750, Q.3) Chemistry/Physics Soft Materials (IF. 1.132, Q.4) Engineering International Journal of Control (IF. 2.101, Q.2) International Journal of Production Research (IF.2.623, Q.2) Food Science Food Additives and Contaminants - Part A (IF. 2.129, Q.2) Linguistics Language, Cognition & Neuroscience (IF. 2.086, Q.1) Natural & Earth Sciences Hydrology Research (IF. 1.801, Q.2) Veterinary Quarterly (IF. 1.492, Q.2) Journal of Water and Health (IF. 1.352, Q.3) Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (IF. 1.220, Q.3) Journal of Natural History (IF. 0.875, Q.3) Water Policy (IF. 0.838, Q.4) Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience (IF. 3.417, Q.2) Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology (IF. 1.853, Q.3) Social Neuroscience (IF. 2.575, Q.3) Psychology European Review of Social Psychology (IF. 3.75, Q.1) Journal of Positive Psychology (IF. 2.594, Q.1) Cognition and Emotion (IF. 2.563, Q.2) Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (IF. 2.449, Q.2) Thinking and Reasoning (IF. 2.372, Q.2) Cognitive Neuropsychology (IF. 1.796, Q.3) Self and Identity (IF. 1.435, Q.3) Memory (IF. 1.873, Q.3) Politics, Society & Sociology Evidence & Policy (IF. 1.127, Q.2) Policy & Politics (IF. 1.250, Q.2) International Public Management Journal (IF. 2.739, Q.1) Studies in Higher Education (IF. 2.321, Q.1) Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Annals of Work Exposures and Health (IF. 1.615, Q.3) Occupational Medicine (IF. 1.482, Q.3) International Journal of Sexual Health (IF. 1.014, Q.4)

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