PEERE Call to Action: Data Sharing and Research on Peer Review

In October of 2018, Duncan was part of a PEERE new frontiers of peer review meeting to discuss the future of peer review data sharing, along with a whole load of awesome open- and progressively-minded researcher and publishing industry people - see some of them looking suitably pensive in this picture of us hacking through the obstacles to more fluid methods of data sharing!

Our outcomes from that event are published as a PrePrint in this Call to Action paper; Data Sharing and Research on Peer Review Abstract While recent surveys show that most stakeholders recognise the importance of peer review to the publication process, there is a lack of systematic research on the topic. In a period of hyper-competition for resources, with perverse incentives that lead to academic capitalism and a “publish or perish” mentality, the lack of robust and cumulative research on approaches, models and practices of peer review can slow down efforts towards fostering research integrity and the credibility of scholarly communication. A major challenge in studying peer review systematically is the lack of available data. While data sharing in scientific research has made relevant progress in certain fields, the lack of infrastructures to promote the sharing of peer review data among publishers, journals and academic scholars, the challenges posed by privacy and data protection legislation, and the perceived lack of incentives for publishers, learned societies and journals to share data, have all hampered efforts in this important domain. While public authorities, learned societies and publishers may face different priorities, incentives and obstacles regarding data sharing, the time has come to call to action all stakeholders who play a part in this field. In this paper, we argue that an infrastructure for data sharing is needed to stimulate independent, collaborative, public research on peer review and we suggest measures and initiatives to set up a collaborative effort towards this goal. Squazzoni, F., Marusic, A., Seeber, M., Menhami, B., Willis, M., Hurst, P., … Grimaldo, F. (2019, November 5). Data Sharing and Research on Peer Review: A Call to Action.

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