PRW Summary Editorial in ESE

The end of 2019 saw Duncan publish two papers summarising outcomes from projects that ran over the previous 12 months or so. The Editorial in the November issue of European Association of Science Editors journal European Science Editing (ESE) is a summary of Peer Review Week, by Duncan, Maryam Sayab and Muhammad Sarwar of the Asian Council of Science Editors.

The editorial highlights some of the major events of Peer Review Week, giving some details and data of events, and the effects in the community. The paper is particularly focussed on the contributions of EASE, in the form of Council members on the organising committee, and curation of the YouTube channel. We give some examples from a few videos, and point to other resources developed for the Week, that are permanently available. (I have also been trying to use Kudos more for sharing and tracking activity around my articles, so here's the url to there! - Duncan)

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