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I am not usually able to share detailed information about projects I work on for clients, as they are always performed under NDAs and strict confidentiality, but the outcomes from this one have been made public, so I am able to share it. EMBO Press (a European microbiology organisation with five journals), have published an article on their blog, which presents the results of investigations and modelling of the finances and costs involved in converting their entire publishing operation from subscription to open access, while maintaining their current levels of editorial standards, workflows, and revenues. It is testament to EMBO's commitment to transparency that they have taken the arguably brave, and commendable step to publish this article and reveal their operating costs. It serves a very public interest, as a helpful reference for anyone interested in the costs involved in high-profile, high-tech, (and yes, high-impact) publishing, which is, of course, of great relevance to many European publishers and journals in respect of the impending implementation of CoalitionS' PlanS. As EMBO Director Maria Leptin writes in the blog post, "An open discussion of what it costs to run and maintain high quality, selective journals, and who should pay, is only possible on the basis of real data." Read the article in full here: https://www.embo.org/news/articles/2019/the-publishing-costs-at-embo

Fig.2: Publishing cost breakdown, EMBO Blog


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