IFIS Expert Guide to Journal Publishing

I've recently been working on this resource for authors, for IFIS – the authority on Food Sciences publishing information. This is our Expert Guide to Journal Publishing, made of 13 modules, divided into five themed areas:

  • Getting started with preparation and provisional tips

  • Looking at the core features of individual journals

  • Checking access options and metrics

  • Ethical considerations

  • Preparing to submit

The details within these modules get into the myriad features that journals may exhibit, to help authors distinguish one from another when it comes to choosing where to submit, and understanding what journal will be the most effective, appropriate match for their paper. And as a bonus to the content, the IFIS design team have also made these pages look great too. PLUS accompanying videos are coming, which will serve as primers for the full guidelines, including examples, illustrations and personable explanations of the concepts provided in the guides. https://www.ifis.org/publishing-guide

IFIS Expert Guide to Journal Publishing Flyer

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