EASE Journal relaunched on ARPHA

I am absolutely delighted to announce that EASE journal European Science Editing (ESE) has been relaunched as a fully Open Access journal on its own ARPHA platform site. The journal can now be found here: https://ese.arphahub.com/ The new website was officially announced today with our own EASE press release on our blog and website (the same both places), as well as a press release on the ARPHA Blog. This move is part of a strategic relaunch of the journal to provide greater focus on the kinds of research and expert commentary that will inform and support editors working in the scholarly environment, becoming an even more valuable focal community resource. The non-research content previously published in the journal will now be published in the newly-created member magazine, EASE Digest, which will still be printed and sent to members quarterly.

To coincide with the launch of the journal platform we have published three articles, that are up and ready for reading;

an original research article analysing Middle Eastern ethical issues, based on Retraction Watch data:

Retractions of research papers by authors from the Arab region (1998-2018)

Saif Aldeen AlRyalat, Muayad Azzam, Abdallah Massad, Dana Alqatawneh


a Viewpoint considering more practical ways of presenting numerical data and information in articles, avoiding redundancy and increasing clarity:

Editors should allow only significant digits

Arjan Polderman


and of course, the full editorial from our Chief Editor introducing the changes

European Science Editing is in full open access now

Ksenija Bazdaric


While you are reading these, also check out all the new features we have through ARPHA such as enriched meta-data, altmetrics, commenting, and more! Very pleased to have this new home for the journal, and look forward to unlocking the full potential.

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