"I Think I Read It Somewhere.." i3 webinar session

I am very much looking forward to participating in this International IVF Initiative webinar on the 22nd March.

After organising five i3 events with RBMO for their RBMO LIVE webinar series so far, I am getting the other side of the camera to sit on the panel session and discuss my favourite nebulous concept - quality!

I will be joining a panel of prestigious embryologists and fertility medicine researchers to discuss the backstory of influential scientific papers and hidden gems in scientific journals that defined the current field of reproductive biomedicine.

I’ll be contributing ideas and insights into the bibliometric and science communication side of things. Questions such as, how we define quality in published articles? Can we predict what papers will go on to big things? How can we can define successful papers, and what measures can we use to asses impact, presence and value of research?

The line-up for this session is stacked with big names, so I am honoured to be among them.

It’s going to be fun, and I shall no doubt learn a lot, as I have from every i3 session so far.

Registration is free, open now, with more details on the i3 site: https://ivfmeeting.com/products/copy-of-session-91-i-think-i-read-somewhere

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