Peer Review Week 2020: Call for Videos

I am on the organising committee and am helping with the YouTube channel again, so once more I am asking for your video contributions to Peer Review Week!

Last year I curated a series of videos on the theme of Quality, generously recorded by researchers, journal editors, and publishing professionals from across the academic community – all available on the channel here:

This year I would like to do the same, and asking whether you, your colleagues, members of your editorial team or anyone else you know, would be interested in recording a short video addressing any aspect of Trust in Peer Review, such as:

What is trustworthy Peer Review?

Why should we trust it?

How does it engender trust in science?

...and many other aspects.

We want it to be as easy as possible to participate, so we’re not asking for the highest production values, or long presentations - all that is needed is a smartphone and a little bit of time.

We would like videos up to, or around 3 minutes in length, that address any aspect of Trust in peer review, or related to peer review.

I have made a video creator toolkit, with simple guidelines on how to make a nice video, a list of possible primers for you to consider, and submission info:

Here's a video from last year as an example; Professor Christopher Jackson, geologist at Imperial College, London, answers two fundamental questions - why peer review is important, and what quality review looks like.  

Let me know if you would be interested in participating at all - or just surprise me with a video in my inbox!

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