Clients: past and present

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Debra C. Karlan | Editorial Associate

Physical & Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics

In my 12 years as editorial assistant for IPOP, you were by far the best manager we’ve ever had. I’m very sorry to lose you. Thank you for your help. 

Jovan Shopovski | Managing Editor

European Scientific Journal, European Scientific Institute

Working with Duncan was of great help in improving the editorial policies, peer review procedures and website presentation of the European Scientific Journal (ESJ).

Duncan made the development process fast and straightforward. We exchanged several emails and discussed fine details in a Skype call and he quickly summarised our key development needs in a formal proposal. I promised to provide some data and he set a date to deliver a thorough analysis and recommendation, delivering everything to the promised schedule. After receiving the report, we held a meeting to discuss the results and development suggestions to finalise the project.

Duncan’s competence in the area of academic publishing, peer review management, and data analysis was obvious. I am sure I'll work with Duncan in the future.

Flaminio Squazzoni | Professor of Sociology / Management Committee Chair

University of Milan / PEERE

We invited Duncan to lecture a class of PhD students and librarians on peer review at a training school, which took place on 15-17 May 2018 in Split. His lecture provided key insights on how to take peer review seriously, write informative and fair reports, and understand journal guidelines and all the unsaid and often unclear editorial requests. He was knowledgeable, simple and direct, while being engaging and entertaining. I really liked his style. Although students were coming from a long lecture morning, he captured everyone’s attention for about three hours. We all learnt a lot from him.

If you are looking for someone training on best practices and hidden secrets of editorial processes, journal management and peer review, I strongly recommend you send him an email before he is already booked!

Philip J. Purnell | Director – Research & Publishing Services


Duncan Nicholas undertook and successfully delivered a large part of a detailed strategic study on scholarly publishing in academic journals and conference proceedings. This study formed part of a broader project on improving the academic reputation of a university in Russia and analysis of its performance in the various international university rankings lists. Duncan was readily available for discussion, always met his deadlines and consistently produced reliable and high quality work. I would heartily recommend Duncan for analytical and project work.

Nick Pahl | CEO

Society of Occupational Medicine

Duncan facilitated a strategy process for our Journal Team – this involved interviewing key stakeholders, analysing the market, drilling into data on publication information and offering future strategic options. He also advised on recruitment to a new editor role.


Duncan offered a fantastic level of knowledge of journal publication, and an in depth understanding of industry issues. He helped develop our strategy and plans with very useful data and intelligence, backed up by impressive industry experience.

I would highly recommend Duncan to organisations and societies who publish academic journals.

Professor Abdelazeem EL-Dawlatly | EIC Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

King Saud University

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial regarding Mr. Duncan Nicholas. I came to know Mr. Nicholas through one of his workshops on "How to be a successful journal editor" conducted recently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 23rd March 2018. The workshop was excellent, well attended and rich in scientific contents. Mr. Nicholas is an excellent, skilful and talented instructor in those kinds of workshops related to journal management. I personally get use of my attendance of this workshop by learning some tips on upgrading our beloved "Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia" and improving its impact factor.

At a personal level Mr. Nicholas is very kind and polite besides he is much liked by all attendees of the workshop. I'll be so happy to attend in the future any kind of workshops related to journal management organized by Mr. Nicholas and I’ll convey this message to my colleagues in the same field.

Dr. Lisa Worrall | Staff Development Officer

University of East Anglia

The Centre for Staff and Educational Development at the UEA has utilised Duncan’s services since 2016 with great success, to which, the feedback received from staff who have attended his workshops, has been excellent. 

Duncan’s specialist knowledge covers an array of topics that are critical to staff involved in the research and publication process. His depth of knowledge and experience, along with his innate abilities to apply this knowledge, mean that he is always the first person that we approach when we are looking to provide this type of training. 

We very much look forward to continuing procuring the services of Duncan and DN Journals throughout 2018 and far beyond.

Julia T. Vilstrup Mouatt | Head of Publons Academy

Publons / Clarivate Analytics

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Duncan since early 2017 as he’s played a crucial part in developing the content for Publons Academy, our online free training course in peer review. With the help of his extensive knowledge and experience in the academic publishing industry we have developed high quality content that we are proud of, and which has been informed by relevant experts drawn from his wide network. Not only is he narrating the online training module videos he’s also become our go-to person to deliver Publons Academy in-person workshop and seminars in the UK.


We look forwards to continue working with DN journals and Duncan in 2018 to add additional content and deliver more workshops and seminars.

Rajiv Shirke | Vice President - Global Operations


We have worked with Duncan over several assignments to date and it has been an absolute pleasure associating with him so far. 

As part of a recent project, Duncan conducted a series of workshops for us in the African continent. He was very professional and accommodated some unforeseen last-minute changes with immense composure. During the sessions, he was able to easily connect with the audience as a result of his crisp presentation style, in-depth knowledge regarding the intricacies of academic publishing as well as the ability to deal with questions effectively. The workshops were indeed an absolute success and we received excellent feedback from the attendees. We would also like to thank Amelia for her fantastic support and outstanding organizational skills throughout the project.

We would definitely recommend DN Journals for the various services they offer and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Jonathan Griffin | Publisher

The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Health

The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene hired Duncan to help manage a large-scale editorial development of its two journals; Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and International Health. We were impressed with his editorial process expertise, responsiveness and willingness to take a hands-on approach, when needed. We would recommend him to any Society publisher who wishes to improve their editorial operations.

Professor Graham C L Davey | Director & Editor in Chief

Textrum Ltd. | University of Sussex

Textrum invited Duncan to overview the progress of our two scientific journals - Journal of Experimental Psychopathology and Psychopathology Review – and to provide a development review covering subscriptions, readership, citations and impact, and to recommend ways of improving the journals in the future.

Duncan’s review was impressively comprehensive and authorative, and provided many practical recommendations on how to improve the scientific quality of our journals as well as how to extend our readership and increase subscriptions. These recommendations were based on an extremely detailed analysis of our existing journal data and supplemented by Duncan’s extensive knowledge of the scientific journal publishing industry. His recommendations are likely to guide our strategic plans for the journals well into the future.

Since providing the review, Duncan has been more than helpful in answering queries about the review and assisting us with some of the follow-up activities to implement his recommendations. Duncan has been a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use his expertise in the future.

Sally Hardy | Chief Executive

Regional Studies Association

The Regional Studies Association has a portfolio of 5 journals. While he was at T&F Duncan worked with us on our blue chip journal, Regional Studies leading in pulling together a comprehensive Development Plan which has become the journal bible. Having this thorough and fully evidenced understanding of our journal has helped us enormously to plan its future, to evaluate potential innovations and to understand patterns of citing and where it sites among its related journals.  Duncan was easy to work with. Responsive and quick but it is the flip side of those attributes that set him apart – his thoughtfulness and reflection on our journal and his ability to see pathways ahead was invaluable.

Emma Gulseven | Journals Manager

International Water Association Publishing

I have been working with Duncan during the launch phase for a new journal. He has assisted with the set up and ongoing admin for the new journal’s peer review site, and also acted as the point of communication for Editors and authors. In addition Duncan has carried out some analysis of competitor journals and prepared reports using Web of Science data.

Duncan has been very flexible as the volume of work has fluctuated week to week. He has been available to come into the office which has been really helpful during the set up of the online peer review site. Duncan hasn’t only helped with the basic admin; his publishing knowledge has also been invaluable. I know I can ask him to complete a task and it will be carried out on time to an excellent standard.

I am happy to recommend Duncan to publishers who need help with projects from someone with the knowledge and resources to make a contribution beyond “admin assistance”.

Isabel Rollings | Director, Sales and Business Development

Indextra AB (formerly MedHand AB)

I hired Duncan on behalf of MedHand International, to review a title list with a view to completeness and priority. Duncan was very easy to work with and performed his task very punctually and in the time agreed. We will certainly hire him again. Duncan is efficient, diligent and a joy to work with. 

Joan Marsh | Ex-President & Deputy Editor

European Association of Science Editors | Lancet Psychiatry

Duncan was elected to the Council of the European Association of Science Editors in September 2015 and has already made several valuable contributions to the association.  He has initiated and conducted blog interviews with authors of papers in our journal, European Science Editing, putting these in context and promoting them to a wider audience.  Duncan has taken responsibility for coordinating EASE’ social media accounts, again helping to disseminate information and good practice to the wider community of science editors and publishers.  Duncan organized a successful session on Editor certification and raising standards at the recent EASE conference in Strasbourg (June 2016) and will be continuing to develop ideas in this area.  Overall, Duncan is a pleasure to work with – responsive, enthusiastic and conscientious.

Siobhan Aldridge | Submission Systems Analyst

Taylor & Francis

We have been contracting Duncan for several months, to work on an ongoing project to configure an extensive number of journal peer-review sites.  Duncan has provided a very efficient and professional service, completing each batch of assignments quickly and accurately. He has been very accommodating in incorporating amendments and additional requests to the schedule, with impressive speed.

Duncan has been a pleasure to work with, we look forward to continuing our relationship with him, and can highly recommend his services.

EADP Council

European Association of Developmental Psychology

Duncan set up an online membership management platform for the European Association for Developmental Psychology in summer 2016. Duncan efficiently organized the processes necessary to set up the new membership management system, was tremendously helpful in dealing with our many requests and helped us in all possible ways to be able to work independently with the new system. 

I felt very comfortable of having him as always helpful, responsive and friendly consultant when dealing with the many challenges related to learn how to navigate the new membership management system. I don’t want to imagine how difficult it would have been without his help.  I really recommend his service very much.

Professor Jamie Ward

University of Sussex

It has been a pleasure to have worked with Duncan Nicholas for over 5 years.  His knowledge and professionalism was invaluable in helping me to launch and run a new cognitive neuroscience journal.  More recently, he ran an Author Workshop for doctoral students at the University of Sussex that provided them with 'insider tips' and gave them confidence to publish in journals.  I am very happy to recommend DN Journal Publishing Services.

Helen Drew | PhD Student

University of Sussex

I participated in a DN Journals full-day author workshop. This course gives an excellent and detailed overview of the whole process of getting your academic work published.  The different stages of the process are well explained, alongside common pitfalls and reasons for rejection and how to deal with these. Open access and the use of social media and other outlets to raise the impact and audience of your research are also covered.

Ailsa Marks | Managing Editor

Taylor & Francis Journals

We commissioned DN Journals to set up a membership fulfilment site for a Society partner.

Duncan was an expert project manager, he understood the brief and delivered the site on time. He was very responsive and dealt efficiently with all aspects of the project. He showed great skill in managing virtually, his attention to detail and accuracy in scoping the project was excellent and lead to a very smooth transition.

We would have no hesitation in recommended him for future projects.

Professor Ramón Rico | Editor in Chief

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology | Autonomous University of Madrid

I knew Duncan while I was the Editor of the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (EJWOP). I was serving as Editor for four years and I shared with him the first two (2011 and 2012). By far, he has been the best Editorial Manager whom I worked with, he was absolutely responsive, accommodating and efficient in managing the many issues involved in the journal daily activity.  Every time we were discussing issues about how to improve the journal, from formatting to citations, he was very quick in coming up with solutions, clearly understanding problems and dealing with new proposals with both accuracy and attention to detail.


To be quite honest, working with Duncan at EJWOP had been more than a pleasure and I will strongly recommend his services to anyone involved in publishing and managing high quality research and theoretical publications.

Agneta Fischer | Editor in Chief

Cognition and Emotion | University of Amsterdam

I worked with Duncan as an Associate Editor and later as Editor of Cognition and Emotion, and he was a very professional manager of this journal. Not only did he undertake the tasks assigned to him, but he was very pro-active and took the liberty to discuss issues that were not raised by me or my colleagues. His suggestions and skills were always helpful.

In addition, he is such a pleasant person to work with. A perfect balance between being on top and being relaxed, of making jokes and being serious, I still miss him!

Professor Dirk Hermans | Editor in Chief

Cognition & Emotion | University of Leuven

I worked with Duncan Nicholas for several years.  First as associate editor (2006-2007) and later (2008-2012) while I was Editor-in-Chief for the Journal Cognition & Emotion.  Duncan has been a true guide throughout these years.  He made sure everything went as smooth as possible.  He is a proactive professional in every step of the editorial process, and has a good sense of what is necessary and important to bring quality.  It was a real pleasure to work with him, and the fact that we could do this with Duncan at our side made the job feel less like 'work'.

Professor Anne I H Borge | Associate Editor

European Journal of Developmental Psychology | University of Oslo

Duncan was for me, indispensable and essential when we worked together for the European Journal of Developmental Psychology. He was always present when I sent an email about the many papers I handled as an associate editor.  Intelligently, without unnecessary mailing, he understood the challenges I faced as both a journal editor and a busy professor. In short, for 7 years, he was there for me and the journal. He smoothly suggested solutions as to how I might handle the many manuscripts and reviews that regularly popped up in my inbox.  He had full control of the huge flow of revisions, resubmissions, reviewers and gave me very helpful flow charts of the status of the many manuscripts in various phases of the publishing processes. Furthermore, he was there when the journal got more technical and I did not understand the new templates and was under time pressures. Thus, I give my very best recommendations for working together with Duncan. I have worked with many through the years, but not as nice, efficient, present, helpful and professional as Duncan.

Professor Vicente González-Romá | Editor in Chief

European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology | University of Valencia

I worked with Duncan when I served as Associate Editor (2005-2008) and Editor (2008-2011) on the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (EJWOP). My editorial team worked together with Duncan in the transformation and improvement of EJWOP. His effort, support, engagement, responsiveness, and positive attitude were crucial to initiate this challenge and reach its goals. It was a real pleasure to work with Duncan during that exciting period.


He knows very well the scientific journals’ business. Taking into account his knowledge and qualities, I recommend Duncan to anyone who needs a real expert in this field.

Professor Anthony Manstead | Associate Editor

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology | Cardiff University

I worked with Duncan over several years in my capacity as editor or associate editor of academic journals. He was working at Psychology Press, managing the peer review systems for a range of journals. He was perfect in this role, which requires tact, efficiency and reliability in working with authors, reviewers and editors. He has acquired huge experience of the journal publishing process over the years and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for efficient and knowledgeable support in this area

Evangelia Demerouti

Eindhoven University of Technology

I worked with Duncan for several years on the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, as an author and a reviewer. He always worked very hard for the journal, very precisely, and contributed to the increased quality and reputation of the journal by proactively helping the different target groups (authors, reviewers and I would also guess editors too). I believe he played a big part in the success of the journal, and I would highly recommend working with him.

Professor Don Truxillo

Industrial/Organizational Psychology | Portland State University

I was a special issue editor for a journal when Duncan was the peer review systems coordinator at Psychology Press. My co-editor and I received far more submissions for the special issue than anyone had expected, and at times we were a bit overwhelmed.

Duncan's work during this process was outstanding - he responded promptly and gave excellent solutions. The speed with which we were able to produce a strong special issue, especially in light of the volume of submissions, was partly due to Duncan's wisdom and responsiveness in providing support.

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